3 Reasons why Lord Ganesha is happy and not happy with you

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

I hope this Ganesh Chaturthi you are having lots of ‘Modak’ and staying safe at home.

By the way, Ganesh Chaturthi is also the birthday of Lord Ganesha. So according to me everything should be done according to Lord Ganesha’s wish, isn’t it!

That is why I will be telling you what Lord Ganesha wants, why (significance) and what you are giving in the next few minutes..

Lets go…

1) Ganeshji says, ”I want an idol made of clay or turmeric like the people used earlier to celebrate my birthday. Or it could be anything which is made of natural ingredients and is not contributing to pollution”.

If you are not doing this, Lord Ganesha is not happy with you!

Turmeric is a natural disinfectant and in some cultures the clay when dissolved in water has the special ability to attract floating particles and settle at the bottom of the water body. Hence, the top layer remains clean and causes zero pollution.

The idols can also be made of cow dung, recycled paper, etc. This cow dung idol made and sold by a Mumbai resident when immersed in water can serve as manure and food to the fishes instead of polluting them.

I came across a very inspiring woman, Rinu Kalyani today. She made Ganesha idol with chocolate and distributed them among the underprivileged children. And that is not all, go ahead and check out more about her and how the chocolate Ganesha looks like here. And you will realize she is a real GEM.

If you know more about such inspiring people, please do let me know in the comments below. I will be waiting!

Other options which you can consider could be

1) Tree Ganesha made of mud

This is a Ganesha with seed ball inside it

Source: My Professor’s Ganesha

This Ganesha after adding water to it at the time of immersion gives a tree. This means Lord Ganesha will stay with you in the form of tree after ‘Visarjan’ as well!

2) Permanent Idol marble, gold, silver

This Ganesha can be immersed during ‘Visarjan’ and kept back in the temple. This can be used next year as well.

Your Devotion matters, not the Idol!

On the other hand, idols are also made of Plaster of Paris (PoP), plastic and cement. The PoP consists of calcium sulphate hemihydrate which does not dissolve in water. And can take upto 100’s of years to dissolve. This depletes the level of oxygen present in water thereby killing fishes and other aquatic plants and animals.

Ganesha after Visarjan

Source: https://farm2.static.flickr.com/1398/1386315169_41e9eb27e6_o.jpg

And when this river water is used for agriculture you know the consequences…

2) Ganeshji says, ’’Use natural colors on the idol. Because when the idol is immersed during ‘Visarjan’ the colors do not harm the environment”.  

If you are not doing this, Lord Ganesha is not happy with you!

This is a clay Ganesha made with natural colours by my friend.

Ganesha made of clay and natural colours

Source: My friend’s home

You see, you can always have your own innovative ideas and implement them. And this will not only make Lord Ganesha happy but also it will give you a sense of satisfaction, a oneness with God!

On the other hand, the oil paints and metal jewellery (heavy decoration, thermacol) used on idols stay in the water body for decades and travel from one water body to another leaving irreversible impact on the ecosystem coming on the way, and finally ending up in sea.

The oil paints used on the idol has heavy metal content such as lead, mercury which is poison. When the idol is immersed this lead gets into the water, and then into the fishes and the salt we eat. And thus you and I are eating poison!

The paint on the idol creates a film on the water which prevents oxygen from air from getting dissolved in the water. This leads to suffocation in fishes and hence death of fishes and the aquatic life comes to halt.

Dead fishes

Source: https://im.indiatimes.in/content/2018/Sep/ganesh_chaturthi_immersion_dead_turtle_fish_water_snakes_beach_warriors_juhu_dadar_beach_1537610495_725x725.jpg

The Nirmalya (flower waste) though are bio-degradable but as they are cultivated using various fertilizers and pesticides their residue remains in the water. And again ends up causing the pollution.

Nirmalaya causing pollution in water

Source: https://mulamutharevival.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/pic4.jpeg

To know more about the extent to which the problem is affecting YOU and ME after the ‘Visarjan’ you can REFER this!

3) Ganeshji says, ’’You should have lots of ‘Modak’ as it is a healthy superfood”.

If you are not doing this, Lord Ganesha is not happy with you!

I know, this gives you another reason for having mouthful ‘Modaks’!

Tasty and healthy ‘Modak’

Source: https://www.tarladalal.com/members/9306/big/big_modak-8735.jpg

What makes it special is the ingredients coconut and jaggery!

Coconut is easy to digest thereby boosting the metabolism. It increases good cholesterol in your body and helps fighting disease causing bacteria in monsoon.

And the jaggery fights cold and flu, detoxifies your liver and activates digestive enzymes.

The major thing here is steaming, which retains about 90% of antioxidants. It also helps maintain food color, flavour, texture and preserves nutrients such as Vitamin B and C, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, etc.

To know more about Ganeshji’s wishes, you can take break from reading and enjoy this video


Thanks a ton, if you are having an eco-friendly Ganesha at home. My gratitude knows no bounds for saving us and our Mother Nature.

If you have brought PoP idol at home, you still have time to lessen the loss, simply immerse it in water and keep it back. If the big one can’t, atleast the small one can follow this! Your Ganeshji will be happy for your kind act! 

Though this time I am late, but its never too late to change the way we do things. We will have to change today, tomorrow or someday and stop cribbing over the things we have lost!

Its time to celebrate without compromising on the traditions and keeping intact the essence of the celebration!

So, if you are reading this right on time, you can be the change from now on..

So, when you go for ‘Visarjan’ this time, try not to dump the Nirmalaya in the water. And you know WHY!

Do you want to know from where I got these ideas! Click here Don’t worry it’s a video.

If you want to see other initiatives taken to protect water bodies you can go here-


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