About Us

One Planet was founded by Ms. Anupriya Aggarwal with the aim of bringing light to the issues pertaining to sustainability and climate change in the context of developing countries. Anupriya is a Research Scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. She is also the Senior Project Manager of Team Zero Waste, IIT Bombay, a student-led organization whose aim is to reduce the landfill waste from IIT Bombay to zero, hence moving towards a sustainable campus.

For the past few years, particularly since 2016, she has been trying to shift towards an environmentally sustainable lifestyle by reducing her own waste, carbon, and water footprints. She has shared some of her personal experiences in the blogs.

She has co-authored a book on Business Management for undergraduate students where she has written about sustainable business practices. She writes academic and popular science articles about sustainability,  solid waste management, climate change, and minimalism particularly in the context of developing countries like India which have been featured in several places including the Tata Trust website and the award-winning ezine Fundametics.

Her areas of interest include:

1. Sustainability and Minimalism
2. Overpopulation and sustainability
3. Solid Waste Management
4. Health impacts of Climate change
5. Life cycle Assessment
6. Green Design
7. Sustainability Reporting
8. Carbon Footprinting
9. Environmental Management and Ethics
10. Circular Economy and Traditional Indian knowledge
11. Policies and treaties in sustainability
12. Sustainable Tourism
13. Urban Sustainability and SMART cities
14. Green Technologies

She also loves to paint, and hence sometimes prefers to illustrate her blogs herself. You can have a look at some of these illustrations at the Instagram account: oneplanet.co.in/.

Featured articles and publications:

  1. Book- ‘Management of Human Resources by Savita Rastogi and Anupriya Aggarwal’
    for undergraduate students where she has written about sustainable business practices.
  2. Article in Fundametics:
  3. Article in Tata Trust Website:
  4. Earth Day feature by BuzzOnEarth

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